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Changing ID card in Hungary

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Since my name changed after we got married, I had to change my documents in Hungary.

My ID card expired a few years ago but I was not in Hungary anymore, so I didn’t care so much. Now I came back for a bit longer time so I thought it’s time to change and it will be useful for the EEA family permit application. 

When I left Hungary 3 years ago, people had to pay to get a new ID, health insurance or home address card. Since 2016 it has become free, perfect timing!

The new type of card contains electronic information. For the time being, I’m not sure how it will be beneficial for me, but it sounds good. It also contains my heath insurance number, basically, there is no need for the insurance card anymore.

It is possible to have this application done in any city office in the country and it takes 8 days to get the physical card itself. Also, in the online public platform, I could give permission to my father to receive my ID card because this was the best way for us, and we didn’t have any problems. The website has an english version as well, which was very surprising for me, hopefully, it can be useful for some foreigners. 

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