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Registering marriage in Hungary

Melon 1

After getting married in Japan, we have started to register it in Hungary as well. To be able to start to the procedure, we needed to hand in some documents to the Hungarian Embassy in Tokyo.

  1. Proof of marriage (婚姻届受理証明書or戸籍全部事項証明書)
  2. Passports copies
  3. An official Hungarian form (ADATLAP a külföldön kötött házasság hazai anyakönyvezéséhez)
  4. (The Hungarian person’s birth certificate – this depends on the embassy, they might not ask you to send it)

We have sent these in the middle of April and soon got a phone call: the Hungarian form has changed, we needed to fill out the new one as soon as possible and send it back.

We didn’t need to pay for anything and now waiting for the answer. It can take up to 3 months.

In the Hungarian version, A will write a more detailed post about the form because there are some points which weren’t easy to understand and we couldn’t find any information on the internet. Hopefully, this will help someone in the future.

The form is standardised, it does not apply to Japan only.

It is a good idea to register it, however, it is not mandatory. Our main reason right now is that we are trying to apply for an EEA Family Permit to be able to live and work in the United Kingdom. Also, A needs to apply for some official documents due to the family name’s change.

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