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Studying in Denmark

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I have been studying Computer Science in Denmark since 2014.

I graduated from high school in Hungary in 2012. On my exams, I gained enough points to get accepted in a free course at Budapest University of Technology and Economics. However, for several reasons, I decided to work instead.

I applied for the Danish course that I am taking at the moment and I moved to Denmark when I started my studies. After a few months, I could start to work but I had a lot of problems with the employers. Fortunately, M’s emotional support helped me to go through everything. 

In Denmark the team-work is very important so the education is built on this as well. From the first day, we always had to be in groups. In the beginning the teachers decided the groups, because that is how a workplace works; people cannot decide who they are working with.

Since I was in an international class, I had to work with people from other countries. Most of the time I didn’t have problem but sometimes I could sense the cultural differences.

The education was not exactly what I expected but I always wanted to study programming and the school gave me a good starting point. Besides going to classes, doing exercises I’ve been researching and studying on my own.

I just finished my 4th semester and got the grade “12”. Denmark is using a 7 scale grading system where 12 is the highest one.

This was the first time when I could fully choose my group and topic for the exam. With this freedom, I had time to focus on what I wanted to learn. Getting a 12 was a big achievement for me because this semester showed what am I capable of on my own.

My project’s topic was to create a recipe website focusing on food allergies. The idea came from experience since M and I both have problems with food. But my main learning goal was to get to know the MEAN stack. I always look for the latest trends in programming and web-development so learning about this was the best choice.

I have lived in Denmark for almost two years. I can say I got lot of life experience (study, work, culture) but I will leave the country in June and I don’t feel sad about it at all.

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