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We arrived in London

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On December 1st we arrived in London, after staying in Hungary for two weeks.

The timeline of our EEA family application is as follows:

  • 4th October: We visited the Visa office, and M attended to the interview.
  • 19th October: We finally got an e-mail that the papers and M’s passport are at the UK Visa Office, they will post it shortly
  • 21st October: We received the letter

We were really nervous at this time because most of the blogs we read stated that the process time for Osaka is maximum eight working days, we had to wait for twelve.

Then, finally M received the e-mail that the papers are ready, but we still had to wait for three more days! That was nerve-wracking, as in the e-mail there is no information at all.

Initially, they told us, we will only receive the original papers back, and nothing else but in the end, they sent everything back. All the letters, photos, everything. I was happy because some things are important to me. Then we opened the passport, and there was the Visa.

We stayed in Budapest for two weeks, met the family and went for sightseeing for one day.

Budapest cityscape
M took this photo from St. Stephen’s Basilica’s Panorama look-out

On the first of December, we arrived in London, Stansted airport. The passport check took way longer than what we expected so we missed our bus. In the end, everything was fine, and we took Stansted Express and met my sister at Liverpool Street station.

As for now, we are living in Catford in a share house. It is not ideal because of the commute; it is hard for both my sister and husband but we found a two bedroom flat and will move in the beginning of next month.

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